Guild Wars 2 – The API


As many of you know I enjoy gaming and computers.  Although these are major activities in my life, I’ve never been the best programmer/developer in the world and really have no official training other than javascript and html.  Both of those I have mostly forgotten, however I am lucky with my job and I have the opportunity to try and learn new things.  Some of which have been beneficial in my none work life.  For instance learning lots of Linux and scripting languages like BASH.  One of the things I started to learn on my own at work (and after hours at home) is Python.  I’ve enjoyed it so far, but never found any major use for it outside of the office, that is until recently.  Lately I have been wishing the game Guild Wars 2 ( would allow access to their API (Application programming interface).  Although they probably have, it is very well hidden or at least I found it is.  Luckily for me both gw2guru ( and gw2spidy ( both allow access to their API which in turn pulls data from the Guild Wars 2 API.

Now with permission/knowledge to use both, I decided to write a python application that pulls Trade Post data (gw2spidy) and item/recipe date (gw2guru).  With this data, I can now put in a simple request to my application, such as asking for a specific recipe, and within a few seconds it will pull all the items required to make that recipe and their current cost on the trading post.  It will also show me how much the end product is selling for. This allows me to see if I spent in game money to immediately buy all the components of a recipes and build it, would I be able to sell it on the trading post at a profit or loss after posting fees.

Anyway, in the end I think it’s cool, even though at its current stage it’s only usable by me.  Maybe in the future I’ll make it web-based for all my friends to use.


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